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Bat Rolling 101

What are the benefits using your Heated Bat Rolling?
By using our Heated Bat Rolling service you will not have to put 400-500 hits on your bat before it performs at its maximum allowable performance level. Rolling is a process that accelerates the process that happens normally with every bat except that it is in a control process. You distance will improve and the sweet spot will increase. The combination of these improvements will make you a much better hitters and your bat will not show signs of usage that typically happens after 400-500 hits.

Why do people think Bat Rolling is illegal?
I’ve asked that question myself many times. Bat Rolling is simply a process that breaks your bat in. Also keep in mind that EVERY manufacturer is required to submit a sampling of their bats to independent testing facilities for testing. These testing facilities are then rolling each bat using essentially the same rolling procedures that we do. This is called ABI (Advanced Break In) and once they have been rolled they are then tested to ensure they do not exceed the certified performance levels. If they pass after rolling then they are approved to use the association stamps for which they were tested. In order to meet these standards after rolling, the manufacturers are making the bats harder to break in. This makes rolling a necessity.

Can you briefly explain your Heated - Electric Parallel Progressive (EPP) Compression Technique?
Most companies determine the maximum pressure and start at that pressure. This is totally incorrect and usually causes durability problems and also potentially causes your paint to spider web or dent prematurely. We have elected to roll most bats at 5-6 progressive compression points (depending on the type of bat). After we've rolled your bat it will have 400+ rotations through the machine (in some cases your bat will require more passes). We also Preheat to all bats in our custom temperature controlled chamber prior to rolling, this process benefits our customers with big barrel baseball bats and those of you with newer baseball and softball bats. Every one of the newer bats respond better after preheating. Most of these new bats will actually benefit from using a moderate amount of compression with more Parallel rotations. In previous parallel rolling processes, most companies would but 10-20 complete rotations on your bat at each compression setting. What is actually working best now is to increase the amount of complete rotation to 50+ rotations at the moderate setting. This will avoid premature breakage from over compression. When you combine this with the Pre Heating you see much better overall performance increase on these newer bats. It also prevents the unraveling of the composite material that can potentially be an issue with the older rolling techniques.

Why should I roll my bat?
Your Softball or Baseball bat is placed between two or three rollers made of Nylon, Delrin or more durable material of a Bat Rolling Machine and then pressure is applied. When the barrel rotates within these rollers the carbon fiber material is stretched out and the resin (glue) binding the layers together is broken down. The same thing happens with aluminum bats except it's the aluminum material becoming a little more flexible. Aluminum bats gain on average 10-20 feet of distance as compared to 20-40 feet with composite. This is the same thing that happens as you take hours of batting practice or put game hits. This naturally causes the layers of composite or aluminum to become more flexible which greatly improves the trampoline effect. This trampoline effect is what produces the batted ball speed and distance. Typical distance increases range from 20-40ft and It will also widen the sweet spot of the bat which will make you a more consistent hitter.

Heated Bat Rolling Details
With the increased need for pre heating to get the newer bats to properly we found that with the new designs used in most Baseball bats that by pre heating these bats prior to rolling we were seeing much better results. The thicker walls and different composite makeup has made rolling these bats a challenge. It is very difficult to get the walls to flex enough to get them to break in thoroughly. By heating these bats first we found it much easier and in fact we are seeing distance increases closer to that earlier models. In addition to new Adult BBCOR baseball bats, we are finding that most manufacturers are now changing the design of the newer Slowpitch and Fastpitch Softball bats. They are using less durable paint and they are also using a new spiral wrap design that causes bats to actually unravel as they exceed the designed performance levels. By heating your bat before rolling then you virtually eliminate this issue.

Will rolling my bat shorten its life?
Very minimal, when we finish rolling your bat it will have virtually the same durability it did before rolling. It will however be performing at its highest level.

Is rolling considered Illegal?
While we don't discuss the legalities of Bat Rolling we would recommend that you consult your local league or association in regards to the rolling process. In most cases their are rules in regards to rolling that prohibit such alteration but in many leagues and associations the rules are not so clear and also in leagues with no bats rules, homerun derbies or showcases the process is acceptable. We compress test ALL 2 1/4" barrel bats to ensure they still are performing at or below the maximum allowable level. Also, since ALL manufacturers are required to send a sampling of their bats to independent testing facilities prior to approval for use our belief is that since it has already been proven that approved bats will not exceed the designed performance levels after and ABI process (identical to our rolling process) rolling is simply allowing your bat to performance at it's optimal level without having to put 1000's of hits on it before it reaches this level.

Will Rolling Void my manufacturers warranty?
Simple answer is YES.