Bat Juicing

Bat Juicing 101

What is a Bat Juicing?
Bat Juicing is a term used by most for the bat rolling or shaving processes. Juicing a bat is done to primarily increase the performance to maximize the distance of your hits. This has been around for MANY MANY years in one form or another. We’ve heard stories of people running their bat over with a car to compress the barrel. We don’t recommend this process as it can ruin your bat very quickly.

What are the typical improvements from Juicing?
Regardless of whether you choose to roll or shave your bat, Bat Rolling will get you increases in distance ranging from 10-40 feet and the sweet spot will be much larger. Shaving adds another 10-20 feet on top of the rolling distance increase.

What should I consider when choosing a Bat Rolling Company?
The #1 consideration is to find a company that has experience. May think that bat rolling is an easy process but it takes years of experience and you need to roll many bats to get the hang of it. When we first started rolling we found it very easy to over compress bats or not compress them enough to get good performance increases. We’ve been in business and have worked on thousands of bats so we are confident that we know just about everything there is to roll your bat in a manner that will allow it to perform at its optimal level without exceeding the design specifications.

Things to consider before juicing your bat
If you are going to have your bat shaved you need to find a qualified company that has the experience needed to get the job done properly. They need the proper tools (such as a digital CNC Lathe) to do the job the right way. Bat Shaving is a science and to do it right you MUST have experience. It takes years to really know what you’re doing. Any shop that's only been shaving or rolling for a couple years simply don't have enough knowledge and will most likely not be able to shave or roll your bat properly. You may also see some people offering bat rolling for $10-$15. If someone is only charging you that much I can assure you they aren’t doing it properly.

How do I know for sure that my bat was rolled?
That question gets asked all the time. Unfortunately there is no way to tell for sure unless you do it yourself. Even then you don’t know you did it right. When making your decision to get your bat rolled or purchase a rolled bat pick a company with a good website, years of experience and responsive to your emails. This means they’ve spend the time and money to give their customers the most professional service.

Is rolling or shaving considered Illegal?
While we don't discuss the legalities of Bat Rolling or Shaving we would recommend that you consult your local league or association in regards to the rolling process. In most cases their are rules in regards to rolling that prohibit such alteration but in many leagues and associations the rules are not so clear and also in leagues with no bats rules, homerun derbies or showcases the process is acceptable. We compress test ALL 2 1/4" barrel bats after rolling to ensure they still are performing at or below the maximum allowable level. Also, since ALL manufacturers are required to send a sampling of their bats to independent testing facilities prior to approval for use our belief is that since it has already been proven that approved bats will not exceed the designed performance levels after and ABI process (identical to our rolling process) rolling is simply allowing your bat to performance at it's optimal level without having to put 1000's of hits on it before it reaches this level. Shaving is considered illegal in most every league unless it has no bat rules or used in homerun derbies or showcase. Use of a shaved bat in any sanctioned event or league is prohibited.

Will Rolling or Shaving Void my manufacturers warranty?
Simple answer is YES.